Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: The Bounty Hunter

I was given passes to an advanced screening of The Bounty Hunter and figured I might as well check it out and post a review before the movie hits theaters Friday.

Simply put, this movie is a disappointment. The film bills itself as an action-comedy however few laughs are to be had and the action is cartoonish. The premise of the story is unbelievable from the beginning. Gerard Butler plays Milo Boyd, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter who must track down his former wife played by Jennifer Aniston and bring her to jail. Aniston's character, Nicole Hulery is an investigative reporter for the New York Daily News who misses a court appearance for a car accident because she was in search of a lead for a story. Due to her absence, the judge issues a warrant for her arrest.

How convenient, two lovers must forcefully reconnect. Their hatred for each other is apparent but these characters are not convincing enough as individuals. The script is weak and predictable. Every movement and slap to the face felt contrived. Avoid this movie if possible. Jennifer, better luck next time in choosing upcoming projects. I really want to root for you!

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